Quar Adjacent Kickstarter

  • New Kickstarter from Statuesque Minis:


    I've done business with Statuesque Minis before and they were good transactions that delivered beautiful minis.

  • Just had a look at their site.

    It seems they do an interesting series of Female heads.

    @JTam  Would I be correct in assuming that the LARGE options are for W40K and lookalikes wheras the SMALL options are for the Stargrave 2 and Cannon Fodder 2 sprues?

    Its almost worth getting hold of some more CF2 figures just to mix with the veteran & bionic options. 

  • @Dennis Horne 

    Statuesque Minis is the gold standard for female conversion heads.

    Check out here for what heads are probably best for your project:


  • Thanks,

    So it's the SMALL option then, they look like they are CF2/ Stargrave 2 compatible. (I wonder if those Damned will turn up 40K sized to annoy kitbashers everywhere, needing LARGE heads in this case ).

    The trouble with fora such as these is that everything gets submerged in the noise and goes stale in a relativley short time ...

  • OK, that's it - done, despite my usual source of sprues not having any CF(2), luckily I have a backup who wanted to play.

    I already have one fetching Ranger/Recon/Green Beret figure, now she's going to get a squad of her Sisters keep her company.  

  • @Dennis Horne 

    Would love to see your results when done.  

  • @JTam  it will be a wee while.

    My WA Colonial Milita forces are due to deploy to TTR Lancaster for a Xenos Rampant demo game on Saturday.

    All painting and touch up resources are fully booked ;). Having said that, both suppliers came back straight away & the stuff is in the post as I write.

    TTR Recce photo

    Above was a test shot in situ on one of their games mats done on Tuesday. That's an advanced party of my Lizard forces (3 box deal of 'em) contemplating a WA Cannon Fodder Stargrave crew for lunch.

    Still have to work out how to do a pan shot on that cheap 2nd hand dig camera I got.

    The closer one works better (captured Grongnard cannon to the rear, clockwork TRex  feeling hungry as the centre piece).

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