Ranger Grrls

  • @JTam - here are those heads from Statuesque Minis mounted on CF torsos along with 2 Stargrave heads as a bonus.

    Initial rush paint job, will need washes, base work etc later.


    CF 2 Rangers with Techs


    • CF 2 with Stargrave Robo Head (an andriod runner for the Green Team crew)
    • Statuesque Ranger head, Stargrave Merc 2 weapons CF 2 Torso #1
    • Stargrave Ranger Head, Rest CF 2
    • WA Digital Civilian, Statuesque Punk Head
    • Statuesque Ranger head, WA weapons upgrade carbine, CF 2 Torso
    • Statuesque Ranger head, Stargrave Merc 2 weapons CF 2 Torso #2
    • Statuesque Bionic head' WA civialian toolbox CF2 Torso.



    The detail contrast on those Statuesque heads is less pronounced than the CF2/Stargrave sculpts, needing a subtler paint job. Bottom line is that the components interact quite well.



  • Great work. The paint job sells them as members of a cohesive force.

  • They are a cohesive force ;) 5 girl elite XR squad or individual Stargrave pathfinders ?

    There is another bereted Stargrave head somewhere in the spares collection, I have one CFII torso held back for when I find it again. The ladies are just going to have to take out a rather vicious looking Mastiff I got hold of for walkies until then.

  • @Dennis Horne 

    Thanks for posting these.  

    Any chance of a higher res version of the picture?  It's hard to appreciate your work.

  • Walkies

    That is the limit of my photographic skillset :(.

    It also exposes that those girls are still WIP paintwise, no base no varnish. I don't normally go further - they are fit for the table as is.

    Their new pet is foreground, the official Stargrave metal hound as comparison.

  • @Dennis Horne That's my problem too - I can't take pics of my work and post them. I am far too old to understand the process! Love to see other people's work though - it is very inspiring.

  • @Paul Mitting 

    Do you have a smart phone or digital camera?  This forum makes it pretty easy to post pics if you have either of the above.  I could post some quick how to screen captures.

  • @JTam Thanks for the offer but I refuse to own a mobile phone. Makes life hard at times especially as everyone wants your number for bookings and the like. My wife has one but I resist the urge to learn the arcane art to using it! She just tells me whenever there is a text about some upcoming booking or whatever!

  • @Paul Mitting 

    Good for you.  Stay strong Brother.

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