Who's excited for the Damned?

  • Since the GameFound campaign is over now, lets talk about what we're most excited for when the Damned release and what are our plans for them when they finally arrive.

    I'll start first, since I'll apparently have to wait until April of next year for them to arrive, hopefully around that time both Chaos Space Marines and the Imperial Guard will have their codexes out, and either one of them will allow me to play the lost and the damned. If not then I'll have to find other games like Xenos Rampart or other 40k like games (not OPR though, its a little too bland for my tastes). Also, hopefully by that time I will have assembled most of my current pile of shame and found a place to put most of them so that I can dedicate time to working on both the Damned and all those free sprues I got with the pledge.

    This was the very first time I ever participated in a KS campaign. I'm excited to see what arrives down the line, and if this opens the way for more future campaigns.

  • At this point, crazy apoc warbands for Mutants & Death Rays and maybe shock force, which with 4 diffrent infantry sets could/should work out really well without too many outside bits. 

    Depending on how many if any changes/diffrences they make to the male and female basic sets (more diffrences and changes between the 2 is good in my book, guard army player uniformity be hanged😆) and whats actually in the heavy infantry and beastmen sets weapon an heads wise and how compatable it is with the basic/other sets, I could probably make several unique warbands or the motelist single line army ever. And thats not adding in the Hounds Box and free sprue stuff I added like the command, Artillery, outriders, and Brutes (though I may want to pick up some landsknict ogers to go with them).

  • @Brian Van De Walker I might look up Mutants and Death Rays. What's it like in a nutshell? More specifically, how big can the armies get?

    Edit: Scratch that. I looked it up. Way to small for the games I have planned. Do you know of any sci fi games like 40k or Xenos Rampart?

  • @Charles Tottington 

    Good topic.  But I'm burnt.

    Will discuss tomorrow ;)

  • My little and very professional draft of the pledge... may change soon.

  • @Charles Tottington have you looked at Mantic's Firefight and Warpath? 

    I plan to get a bunch of "clean" looking Damned for one army, a gene edited one for a second, and set it up so I can use both if I need to. 

    I am also looking forward to what I can do with the Hounds. Contemplating converting either Halflings or Goblins to ride them, with Sci Fi weapons of course 

  • Building a Loyalist/Traitor Guard army for 40K with the gas hood heads. 

    They look coolest that way and it facilitates the Loyalist or Traitor thing (environmental protection/stewing in their own Nurgle exhalations/juices).  

    Will probably build Chaosy and Loyalist NCOs/Leaders to switch out.  

  • @Charles Tottington Well, I did say "warbands" which should have tipped you off that it was smaller in scale (like most SciFi wargame😆).

    “Games like W40k and Xeno Rampent?” pretty much anything that says “platoon level Sci-Fi” and has vehicles on the front cover. These are the ones I know about for sure that work with 28-32mm minis without hassel:

    Shock Force second edition, by DemonBlade games would fit the bill. This is probably the one I am going to check out with the Damned in mind since it is a vanilla post apoc themed platoon level fast play wargame that has been tested out pretty well and has a unite creation system. The one issue it might have is that I heard the vehicle rules and option where somewhat limited, though it was supposedly not hard to homebrew that up with Shock Force and it might have some synergy with things like Crank Engine from the “one page rule Jam.

    Star Grunt II, a vanilla SciFi paltoon level skirmish game originally meant to sell 15mm and 25mm scale Hammer Slammers style hover vehicles (which you can still buy from Ground Zero Games).  Its complex and a touch more realistic, but there is a recommend “simple play” in the core book and even with hard mod on it’s probably still easier to play than 40k. Also its free digitally and has a relatively lively supporting community on Facebook.

    Boltaction which has similar rule mechanics as 40k, has   fan made errata for SciFi that should cover most things (though you may want to go with making the assault rifles and  automatic rifles as your main infantry guns) and rules wise likely works great with WA’s Death Fields models (frankly the Bulldogs look almost perfect for Boltaction).

    onepage rule’s grimdark which is essentially 40k for those not wanting to read brick length books.

    Antares 2.00 is supposedly more setting neutral than version 1  so one can play other settings with it, and its free.

    Beyond that there is probably 5 to 10 other ones for 28mm SF on Wargame Vault.

    You could also in theory modify platoon games meant for 15mm or smaller minis so they work for 28mm. There are also a couple of vehicles centric games out there that are in theory scale neuteral or modifiable (Gaslands, Mekaton,etc.) that might be worth looking at if you plan on scratchbuilding a large motorpool and/or went heavy on the trucks (or have some large giant robot models sitting around you want to add/fight   your Damned army😆).

  • @Brian Van De Walker Thanks. Any idea how to narrow down searches for platoon level games on Wargames Vault?

  • @Charles Tottington to the left of the main page there is side panel that says "narrow results" in big red letter with lists of options you click on to add also in red letters, sadly though they do not have "Platoon"  listed as an option in those (they really need to add that😆).

    But if you click in "Land", "wargames","SciFi", and "rulesets" that will get you a number of options with summries you can scroll through. Anything with "platoon" or  a two numerals and a plus sign coming after "number of minatures" are probably what you should look at. 

    I did find at least two new ones to look at  Synaptica  and Get Some! Future Warfare.

  • @Brian Van De Walker Those look good, granted Synaptica is best for humanoid on humanoid warfare and for some strange reason lacls flame throwers, snipers, and other stuff.

    I know I've got Planet28 2nd edition. https://www.wargamevault.com/product/409696/Planet-28--second-edition (I don't know how to do those blue text links). And its got both skirmish, unit creation, vehicle creation, and squad rules. My only gripe is that its mostly d10s and Centimeters but the latter can be easily converted to inches with some conversion and rounding up. So hopefully when I get some more d10s I can try put games for planet28 to see if its good for playibg Orks, the Damned, Tyrannids, Space Marines, Necrons, Sisters of Battle, and Imperial Guard.

  • Going to be using a majority of my Damned for Horus Heresy militia and maybe some warbands for Scrappers and the such like. Depending on what 40k 10th is like once it's all settled down I may play a few games but that's not going to be a priority.

  • @Charles Tottington to do hyper link blue text roll the arrow over the text you want blue then click the the "chain link" icon on the upper comment dashboard/toolbar area near the emoj, photo and video insert tool icons. A pop up box will appear where you can paste your link to make a blue hyper link text.

    Anyway, has anyone besides me started making scratch terrian with the Damned in mind?

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