What Dark Ages sets would you like to see next?

  • Thought I'd start up a thread on what people would like to see for this period since there isn't one yet. 


    I love the Dark Ages, definitely my fave period along with Renaissance. 


    I'd like to see some Fyrd/levy figures who could be appropriate for early all the way to late Saxons. Sort of like the Gripping Beast "Dark Ages Infantry" set but better ;) 

  • A kit of all female Viking Shield Maidens.

    Historically accurate?  Almost certainly not.  Do I care?  No.  Not even a little bit.

    Some armored for Hearthguard, some just tunics and leather. Goal should be a small Saga force in a box.

  • Not my timeline but women with weapons... ? ... can it get better...?

    Combined with the female cannon fodder... perfekt for me... 🤣

  • I would be down for a box or 6 of shield maidens... or Female celts, or any other wild "barbarian" lady. Or Maybe just an Olga Kurylenko miniature. Or a boxed set of Olga Kurylenko multipart miniatures... 







  • @William Redford 


    Also, how does no 28mm Thusnelda miniature exist?