Do you make Kitbashed conversions?

Do you make kitbash conversions?

  • I enjoy kitbashing to make converted models. Since I am not a skilled sculptor this allows me to lean on the professional sculpting skills of others yet still have the freedom to create some of my own visions in miniature. 

    Warlord Games recently posted an interesting article about it.

    What about you? Do you make kitbashed conversions?

  • Same. I love taking different kits and making something new. 

    Here are just a couple... Bones are really easy to convert. The Afro guy is just weapon swaps with Escher parts. The Ogre has a GW head and arms. The samurai girl is a wargames factory amazon torso with wargames factory samurai bits and a reaper metal mini head. The other ninja/samurai girl is a plastic GW mini with an arm and head swap. The Musket guy is a Wargames Atlantic irish with some perry bits. And the Swachbuckler is a metal reaper mini with weapon swaps.

  • Ok, 1 more. This is a Wrath of kings robot with some GW bits and a Raging heroes pilot.

  • @William Redford Loving it mate!

  • I like kit-bash...

    I have created one scout-troop (more to come) from Raumjaeger (body), rifels (cannon fodder) and heads with caps from original Iron-Core box for my "V. Kaiserjaeger RKG"... these are the guys who go first in - last out... bullet-rifels with "silencer" (say google maybe rong word for it)


    And 3 guys with cannon fodder-bodies, heads from cannon fodder and arms from Raumjaeger/Iron-Core-Box and Panzer Lehr... this a a technical crew for a BattleMech-Diorama. (crew not finished...)

    I am a bad painter... I know... 😉




  • Kitbashing is the reason that sprue-minis are so fun! It's hard to look at a bin of left over heads and limbs and not think of what you could do with them. Especially with WA not having a game yet (no worry about WYSIWYG), I'm willing to bet a huge percentage of their minis are bought with the explicit purpose to kit bash for other games and settings.

  • Heck yeah.


  • Kitbashing for me, too.  Like someone else said above:  that's part of the fun of a multi-part wargame kit like those that Wargames Atlantic makes.


    I'm surprised there doesn't seem to (yet) be even a single person who prefers playing the kits straight - there's nothing wrong with that!

    I was sure there would have been maybe 1 out of every 5 or so of us who don't like "spoiling" the well-designed beauty of a multi-part kit played straight, and who think that kitbashers like me are weird :D 


  • @Yronimos Whateley 

    I selected the first option.  As I do enjoy finding solutions to create different troop types or to create a pose I want.  

    However, option 2 is at least partially true for me.  If there is a good kit of a subject available I'm going with that.  Life is too short to purposefully choose the harder, longer path to the same destination.   Say I wanted to make plastic WW1 Serbs.  And option A. is kit bash 3 kits together, and option B. is purchase a WGA WW1 Serb kit (pure conjecture), I'm going with option B.


  • Even the exercise of thinking out a kit bash is entertaining.

    Say I wanted female Panzer Lehr.

    These legs:

    (Remove the center strap on the gators.)

    Maybe these torsos:

    (Anybody have a better solution?  Green stuff WGA Panzer Lehr torsos?)

    Helmets from the Perry DAK or 1/48th Tamiya infantry, which ever looks better.  EDIT:  Those helmets don't have covers which is a pretty distinct Panzer Lehr thing..... hmmmmh).

    Heads... lots of choices.  I love the Statuesque Minis ones.  Maybe the WGA Female Cannon Fodder ones as if I'm sawing/cutting off the tops of their heads to fit helmets, plastic would be nice.

    Arms, weapons, breadbags, canteens, etc., from the WGA Panzer Lehr kit.  The same weapons and arms will help tie them in with male Panzer Lehr.

    This is largely a thought exercise.  I may make a few for sh*ts and giggles later.  I won't lie, I would DEFINITELY buy a WGA female Panzer Lehr kit though. 

  • The Space Cops I made up last week:

  • @Mark Dewis those are awesome. 

  • Thank you. Cannon Fodder bodies, Stargrave Crew heads and arms. Shoulder pads are from the Panzerjagers, the star badge is from the Dead Man's Hand Gunfighters. Barely visible on their rear left belt are pouches from the old WGF Apoc Survivors.

    I'm looking forward to the Cannon Fodder girls to add a couple more - though I've run out of that helmet head now. But there may be a similar one in the female Stargrave crew, so we shall see.

  • Some more stuff:

    Frostgrave barbarians, Stargrave gun arms, WGA Lizardmen heads for some tough looking alien goons:

    Heads from the Frostrgrave Barbarian sprue on Stargrave Crew. In my Traveller games these guys will be Sword Worlders:

    Robot Cop to accompany the Space Cops. Kitbashed from various sources:

  • I love kitbashing. I am very, very, very limited in my sculpting skills, so the more bits I have, the better.


    I like putting things together and ending up with something completely different to the component parts.

    WGA is awesome with this, to be honest.



    Here's an example using GW arms & head and a WGA legs and torso.

    Completely different from any of the source material.

  • @Slow Painter 

    Nice conversions!

    I never knew the reason for pedicures till now:

    The hazard stripe chain sword looks GREAT on the second model.

  • Pedicures are what sets us apart from creepy weird squibbly things that crawl out of drains.

    Thank you! There was a lot of back and forth before I hit it with the yellow. I'm terrible at getting relatively even hazard stripes.

  • @Slow Painter 

    Using a Skaven Warlock Bombardier to depict some Cawdor Redemptionnist model is quite a brilliant idea.. 

  • @Slow Painter get some narrow masking tape. That helps with that look a great deal - paint and shade the base yellow, let it dry, then put tape strips where you want the yellow stripes to be and paint the black on. The carefully remove the tape (before the black dries!)

    A little practice and you'll nail it every time!

  • @Steven StGeorges I've done a few sort-of-human guys, the skaven models are a great place to start (once you remove the tails).


    @Mark Dewis Cheers! I'll definitely try that next time!

  • I have been experimenting with making kitbashed French Foreign Legion in Indochina circa 1949...

  • @Grumpy Gnome Don`t no if they fit for sure  here, but here`s my 2 peney`s worth,. By the way Fostgrave Snake men , Stargrave  female , no idea on the animals nothing on sprue.

  • Kitbashing is mandatory. Almost every Mini I own is kitbashed in some way.

    My recently built Chaos Cult is Made from frostgrave cultists, death fields Upgrade sprue weapons, WW2 German gear, GW arms and bits and some puppetswar bits.

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer Those are really great!  Fantastic paint job, too! 🤘

  • @Benjamin Hayward thanks mate 

  • This is one of the reasons I like so much all these new plastic boxes, there are endless possibilities of building your personal figures, all you need is your fantasy. I just build with a Stargrave crewman an X-Wing pilot, I can only imagine the utility of the new Ooh Rah boxed set, it has been a long way from the early Citadel's plastic sets!

  • I collect Northstar Plastic kits for DnD (and Frostgrave, Stargrave, Rangers of Shadow Deep and Oathmark) because of a variety of reasons and one of those is the high kitbash potential.

    One of my first kitbash projects. Stargrave troopers with Tau heads and Perry Afrika Korps bits.

    Frostgrave wizards turned into Jedi. The female Jedi uses Stargrave bits.

    Frostgrave demons and Frostgrave Cultists to make some robed demons. The two "wizards" have wizard robes but I switched them out for Cultist one's.


    Two knights and a thief/assassin using Light Elf bodies, wizard bits, knight arms and a Human infantry head.


    Also, have a bunch of other conversions laying around. Stargrave Feudal guard, Space barbarians and Gnolls, undead cowboy and more.

  • @Berggeit really great conversions, expecially the Jedis' ones, for lightsabers I remember that someone(Hasslefree?) sell some thin plastic rods, in various colors, pefect to simulate lightsabers, effectivelythere are a lot of possibilities with these new  WGA boxes, expecially Cannon Fodder 1 & 2 and Ooh Rah.

    P.s. your troopers with Taus' heads remember troopers from Altered Carbon👍

  • Some good kitbashed conversions on this blog, mixing genres to create his own unique setting. Really great imagination.

  • Some interesting sci-fi kitbashing using WGA Lizardmen....

  • That's definitely one of my favorite things to do with multi-part plastics!

    South Tellarian Liberation Front regulars in the new uniform (mostly Warlord stuff, with some Great Escape Games)

    STLF Regulars in the pre-collapse Federal Tellarian uniform, with red insignia (Wargames Atlantic WW1 German, 1916-40 French and Partisan parts, with a Winchester rifle from Great Escape Games' cowboys and an Arisaka by Warlord Games)

    STLF Irregulars (Great Escape Games Gunslinger women bodies and heads, arms and weapons from Warlord's Soviets and Wargames Atlantic's WW1 Germans)

    Ustirian Imperial Household Guards

    Some background info on the factions: (Vesphasians coming soon, using WA WW1 German heads in gasmasks and M3 Grease Guns from the Partisans, Warlord Soviets in padded uniforms, and other bits and bobs)


  • @Paul Cziganj Nice conversions, could I suggest the use of some contrast paint on the faces? this could add more realism to your minis!👍

    P.s. you could try the Cannon Fodder's upgrade sprue, it has some pickehaube helms with gasmasks, very steampunk, useful for some "elites" in your army,

  • @Alessio De Carolis Thanks ! The faces have received additional detail and a wash since then, these pictures were WIPs. The basing has been done, too. I looked at the Cannon Fodder sprue, it does look good, but a bit too steampunk to my tastes; I'll stay with historical kits.

  • Working on a team of "Short SAS".


  • @Miyuso 


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