WWII Italian Project

  • I've got my pre-order in for the new 02 Hundred game and I'm really looking forward to the new minis that come with it... that said, as I already have a sizeable collection of North African terrain I'm going to also try the game rules out in this context!

    I'm going to pitch LRDG/SAS raiders against DAK and Auto-Avio Sahariane units in their bases so the WWII Italian box set is going to come in VERY handy. Thanks to a very good friend in the USA I also managed to finally get a model of the AS42 (one of my existing LRDG figures for scale) that I'm somewhat obessed with 🤣

    Updates to follow as the Italians and their vehicles get painted and detailed 😊

  • @Bill Thomas 

    I missed this thread when you first posted it.  

    Transposing 02 Hundred Hours to the desert is fantastic idea.  A perfect setting.  

    The AS42 is a very cool vehicle.  Distinct look and a fascinating arry of weapons.  Found some new to me photos just today on the Internet:

    Hope you can share some updates if you have any....

  • Did you ever see "El Alamein - Line of Fire"?


    It used to be available on either Amazon or Netflix streaming but seems unavailable now.  

    Not a brilliant movie.  But good enough, particularly considering how rare a war movie about Italian participation in WW2 is. 

    Good writeup (warning - spoilers):


  • @JTam no, I have not seen that... I will look out for it, thank you!

    I'm working on some sci-fi stuff right now, mostly building the Stargrave sets I got from the starter, and also re-doing my entire Zona Alfa collection, but I'n gradually adding little bits and pieces to my "Italian Project" for some fun in the summer :)

  • @Bill Thomas 

    A hobby should take you wherever the enjoyment is :)

    This is a cool mini one could add to the collection:

    I have some of their other miniatures and their supremely detailed, well researched, and casted. 


    I've been contemplating picking this particular miniature up, but I'm doing Italians on the Eastern Front, not desert Italians.  And the hair and feathers would make swapping headgear a nightmare.


  • This little gem scales perfectly to 0200hrs and there are some other German and British, by Rubicon Makes a verry different game Palm trees and dates. 

  • Theres some tanks and a 6 pounder gun also on the way.

  • To be totaly honest Bill, I`m as much looking forward to the scenery as your figures and vehicles, Please photo your "Zona Alpha" and post them hear. Lots of love both Geoff. 

  • @Geoff Maybury for you my friend, of course... when I get the whole deal complete I will make a picture post specifically, but for now here's my "Military Stalker" crew...

  • Effectively Italy's wheeled vehicles were well done, such as the good Autoblinda Ab40/41, contrary to tanks, less than stellar, and the Sahariana performed well in NA.

    Naturally, given the awful state of Italy's industries, they weren't build in huge numbers.

  • As a long range recce vehicle, the numbers seem about right. The LRDG it was mostly used to counter only operated a few hundred trucks and jeeps.

  • @Bill Thomas Looking good Bill!

  • @Bill Thomas Very nice Bill, when you can, if time is permiting, please post some scenery pictures of the Zona Alpha, as well, to see them in all there glory.

  • @Grumpy Gnome Hi pal, love those Quar.

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