Conquistador Cavalry conversion

  • Saw this excellent conversion on Facebook by @LucasWilliams. Comments state that they were made with Perry's War of the Roses light cavalry. May have to try this. 


  • @William Redford Cut down on waiting Bill, also give you the opertuinity to create some very special unique figures, also the same, on foot and horse, if you should so wish.

  • @Geoff Maybury Yeah, I am still going to get the Conq Cavalry when WA releases them. But I am thinking I may buy a box of Perry (12 riders) to make 2 units for my Landsknechts. Since they are not actually "Landsknechts" and more mercenary force (yes, I know Landsknechts were mercs..) I am thinking my landsknechts will have these cav guys (if I bite the bullet) 3 pike units, 1 arquebus unit, 1 great sword unit, and then some non-human forces. Ogres, some fireforge dwarf arqeubussiers and some WA halflings. 

    I will save the actual conq cavalry for my conquistador army. But will likely use the Landsknecht ogres in both armies. 

  • Don't forget WA have horses as a kit now.

    Some of the Fireforge ones are handy as well.

    But... Perry always do wonderful horses, and are always superb value. 

  • Geoff, don't forget that Curiassers were a thing in this era, and Perry have a good kit for those:


  • @William Redford Wow, look at it painted.

  • Dig the raven on his shoulder.

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