Xenos Rampant

  • Received Osprey Publisings newsletter (some days ago), and they are going to release next November the 24th, a scifi wargame extension based on their Lion Rampant system.


    The Joy of Wargaming posted an interesting video of his playtest.



  • Interesting.  The cover certainly suggests you could do some Death Fields Bugs versus Cannon Fodder action.

    Are you a fan of Lion or Dragon Rampant?

    I know it's a fairly popular system... but I've never tried it.  

    I know this sounds petty (probably because it is) but the troop type names turned me off.   "Bellicose foot," OK, I can take a guess at what we are talking about.....  But how about something that's a little less poetic, but more descriptive.  Maybe Elite Heavy Infantry, Regular Heavy Infantry, Untrained Light Infantry.....  etc.


  • @JTam 

    Tested LR 1st ed. during lockdown, thanks to some friends.. like most of miniatures agnostic games, LR and DR are easy and fast sets of rules and only need far less models than WFB for instance: an army usually consists of 6-8 units comprised of 6-12 individually based figures (6 figures for Cavalry Units and 12 for Infantry/Missile Units), but Reduced Model Count Unit Rule can halve down usual number (3 instead of 6 and 6 instead of 12) to play games on 3x3 terrain. 

    Bellicose Foot may be quite strange for a new player, but the rules do offer some good explanation of such units, like Ravenous Hordes for instance. 😅

    Maybe I should order both LR 2nd. (208 pages instead of the 64 of the 1st ed book) and the upcoming DR 2nd to give them a try.🤔

  • @JTam I play a lot of DR and LR, and I am waiting for the LR2 to arrive on the post. I will eventually buy this one too, considering I also play The Men Who Would Be Kings, Dux Bellorum, and other Osprey rulesets.

  • @Vitor Soares 

    Totally forgot to order The Men who would be Kings...  thanks for the reminder.👍

  • @Steven StGeorges one of the best rule sets ever. In my humble opinion. 

  • @Vitor Soares 

    Indeed my good friend... unlike Rogue Stars for instance, quite a major disappointment. 

  • @Steven StGeorges could not agree more. Rogue stars is one of the few rule sets I regret buying. 

  • @Vitor Soares 

    ... rules were a mess, but minis were awesome, thanks to Coppelstone. 

  • @Steven StGeorges minis from from Northstar and Coppelstone were some of my regular buys and absolute favorites, until last year, of course.

    Not what we are talking about here, but I love, love, love their Back of Beyond range. 

  • Mark Copplestone is my current favorite sculptor. He really gets what needs to be ruggedised and what can be kept in scale with 28mm metal. And such clean lines!

  • @Mark Dewis 

    and a pity Nick Lund did stop sculpting minis... 


  • @Steven StGeorges Amen to that, I loved his figures

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