What would Einherjar Heavy Weapons and Command look like?

  • So as somebody very much looking into buying a box of Einherjar, I've been wondering what their Heavy Weapons and Command options would look like. One thing I would like to see for alternate heads since that's what Grognards gave us would be fully enclosed helmets (kind of like Mantic's and GW's Space Dwarves), and maybe some more female heads (though I'm okay with them being a Tribes/Onlygames thing). Another thing I would like to see is more weapon options like sci-fi Ulfberhts since the Einherjar are vikings, it would make sense for the commanders to wield Ulfberhts like their ancestors, and of course there's got to be a power fist, Dwarves like punching things.


    Best Ulfberht pic I could find.

    Then we could have more ranged weapons like portable rocket launchers or maybe a gatling gun like the Dwarf Sentry from DRG. For the Heavy weapons I am pretty clueless, I would like something that looks like something that links to their Viking heritage.


    So what do you guys think?

  • Not too sure about the heavy weapons but I'd agree that some more head and small arms variety would be nice. I really like the Einherjar kit but it's not as versatile as I'd like and I hope the Command/Heavy Weapons box rounds it out sufficiently. A power fist, some sort of tech accessory (drill or other tool?) and maybe a few of their carbines (unattached to an arm) would be good.

  • @Charles Tottington I like the idea of Viking era Style swords but the should lean more into the visuals of historic weapons Like These

    And Not the abomination you showed.

    Power fists woul'd also fit great, especially in pairs. Give me right and left Power fists so I can build a brawler type guy

    For heavy weapons I would go with Gatling Lasers or some kind of melter cannon

  • I think the distinctive pommels are effective short hand for Viking swords.  

    Particularly the "lobed" ones.


    Agree that lots of power fists would be great. 



  • The Einherjar definitely need head options. A few more with the field cap would be nice, as would some female heads. 

  • For heavy weapons:

    The Einherjar small arms are pretty conventional so no need to "Viking-out" the heavy weapons.

    There are a couple "signature" Nordic heavy weapons that come to mind though....

    Namely the S Tank:

    And the old Carl G:

  • Death Fields lore has them taken from Viking era though. Later Swedish styles wouldn't be appropriate (unless there's some top ups taken later?)  

  • @Mark Dewis 

    Other teams have been reinforced with later drafts in the lore.  Grognards have heads that cover about 150 years.  Raumsjager have G36 style rifles, etc.


  • @Andreas Mayrhofer They look great, honestly the reason I chose the sword I did was because I had a hard time finding an intact sword thinking that wouldn't be good enough. You've proven me wrong though. It would be interesting to see what these swords would have looked like in their prime.

  • @JTam I think all "viking-out" their heavy weapons would require is the shape of any blast shields.

    I also think that reinforcements from the Nordic Biker War would fitted team. As I imagin them being heels on The Death Fields circuit.

  • I would like something that looks like something that links to their Viking heritage.

    I think that's going to be something of a challenge because the DF range, so far, is based around fairly modern types of weapons with some scifi flavouring, and vikings never used anything resembling a modern weapon. I like the look of the bearded axes with the modern-looking cut-out in the head from the original kit, and I think that ties the modern sensibilities of their equipment and the viking motif together pretty well, while being subtle enough that it doesn't look like the designer chose style over substance. 

    The Einherjar small arms are pretty conventional so no need to "Viking-out" the heavy weapons.

    Strongly agree. I could see some things like a stylised sword to denote an officer working well, or maybe a small detail like vaguely mjolnr shaped grenades, but the weapons themselves should be a mix of modern and futuristic designs in keeping with the rest of the range. 

  • @William Ings 


    Well you learn something new everyday.

    I think some kind of bike unit would work well for the Einherjar. 

    Something between this:

    And this:


  • well that would give the new Votann players in 40K a source of stuff to replicate the old squats.

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