Spacenam conversion idea

  • hey Guys,

    I came up with a simple concept sketch for a Chaos Cult shocktrooper focusing on the raw strength aspect. I plan on using the spacenam figures and the upgrade sprue heads as a Base. The rest will be greenstuff and parts from the bits Box.

    What do you think?

  • Dig it!  Even though Chaos isn't my bag, Chaos players always bring the goods with conversions, since G-Dub doesn't usually have the requisite models (corrupted IG, Dark Mechanicus, etc.).

    Can't wait to see these guys!

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer 

    Great concept sketch and great idea.  Those guys are going to be scary.  They have the feel of troops/cultists sworn to Khorne to me.

    How are you adding the spikes?  Green stuff?  

  • @JTam either greenstuff, spikey bits from the bits box or like i recently did on my Primaris Night Lords steel wire


  • Something like these might be good for variety. 

    I got some mainly for scratch bashing terrain, but they would probably look the part.

    I've seen some nicely detailed cocktail spears on Amazon before, I should grab some some day. If they aren't good enough for models, they will probably do for terrain or I start drinking.

    I would love a "spikes and Trophy racks" kit like the GW skulls kit.

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer 

    The steel wire looks the part.  Might be careful handling the mini though - Khorne does not care from where the blood flows ;)

  • Yeah... I'd have thought you could get the same effect with plastic rod for much less risk to fingers.

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer 

    There's an obvious way to get the spikes you need for this conversion.

    DeChaosify the Traiter Guard from Blackstone Fortress/Kill Team by cutting off all their spikes to make them into Loyal Guardsmen.

    Then Chaosify the Loyal Guardsmen SpaceNam guys with the spikes you took from the Blackstone Fortress/Kill Team guys to make them Traitor Guard.