December 2022 Theme

  • We've put up a poll for December theme choices. Let us know which you'd like!

  • Pretty cool.  

    Voted for Command and Control but they are all interesting choices.

  • I voted for heads. I would specifically be interested in helmeted female heads suitable for the Conquestadors or Halflings. And more unhelmeted female heads. 

    For full models... some females compatible with the Dark Age Irish or Halflings. Maybe even a female spanish noble to accompany some spanish mercs (conquistadors). 

  • @William Redford 

    I fully support the theme of "Females."

    Heads alone would be OK.  

    But one or two female bodies for different boxes would be even more legit.  (Having worked with women in body armor for over two decades I can tell you that "everyone looks the same in armor" is about 1000% not true).  So some female bodies for Conquistadors, Panzer Lehr, Boxers, etc., that would be compatible with the male arms like the female Cannon Fodder bodies would be amazing.

  • The Casualty and Zombies theme is great too.

    Casualties that match your army are great for fatigue or pin markers and vignettes.

    And Zombies from different times / places are always great.

  • I think I voted for something related to Egypt.. or Stygia... or whatever egyptian/stygian 😁

    (Zombies were my second choice ... )

  • Civilians for me. They can become armed civilians from spare arms, but de-militarising other kits can be tricky (except for the Partisans, obviously). A good range of modern, interwar or 19thC civilians of both genders would be very handy.

  • @JTam Absolutely this!

  • I just want non-human conversions like were creatures, alien flavors, bugmen and with the bits/tail/wings to match

  • I went "Pirates." I'm in a space pirate mood at the moment, dreaming up crews for Five Parsecs.

    I dig the "Heads" choice, too.  Heads and gear -- pouches, grenades, backpacks, sidearms, shoulder pads (ahem! 😁), gadgets,  gizmos, doo-dads, etc. -- that can add a little eye candy ad WYSYWIG to my minis.

  • @Benjamin Hayward 

    Some pirate bits for the WGA Skeleton kit would be quite nice:

  • All of the themes sound interesting but I voted “heads” to be first as I believe they will be the most universally popular overall.

  • Almost went for Pirates as I developed the thread for fantasy pirates, but in the end I went for Egypt - Egypt has huge potential for both Classic Fantasy and Death Fields, as well as Medieval Islamic Egyptians and Old and Middle Kingdom bitz to be used with the upcoming New Kingdom Egyptian sets. 

  • I voted for heads, either close or open, a not-Mando like should be welcome to modify either Cannon fodder and the new Oh-rra, but I would've voted also a fantasy ancient egypt, either male and female, given the paucity of Mediterranean fantasy figs, plus they could be easily converted in various scenarios not bound exclusively to North Europe.

  • @Geoff Maybury was this you in the December release poll? If so, I agree. 

  • I want an ancient Egyptian Deathfields team so badly, but second to that what ever gets me the Grognards calvary fastest gets my vote

  • I voted for heads because that's the only thing I can think of that could apply across several fields. Female heads, alternate helmeted heads, heads all the way. I mean the squats I plan on getting can benefit from alternate helmeted heads to specify different units. Heck, lizardmen could benefit from alternate heads.

  • @William Redford Yes but sorry bill, I wanted "Civilians", Eileen and my self have been talking about one last "Show Demo Game" before we get past it,  "If were`re not all ready" You now a "Visons @ Reality " come out of retirement to give you, Da Dah. We really wish a perhaps Last Train type scenerio deffending the "civis". But from 200 plus in the old days, I`ve around 30 and they are all metal. Right now it`s all in our heads but strange we both would like one more, last good bye, we never had it with covid, our last demo game was StarshipTroopers and 7years back. Retirment then Covid well there were no good byes to friends other traders.

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    What's a "Last Train" scenario?

  • @JTam Last Train is alovely Facebook site that was started by a gentleman who did a charity game. It can take the form of any time period, fact or fiction any scale. Fantasy, or Si/Fi, The only stipulation is that it`s a rescue of civilians and this is the "Last Train" ,Boat, Aircraft.Spacecraft, Wagon Train, and a group of Defenders must hold the line against ,Zombies, Aliens,  Native Americans, Dinos ,Daleks, take your pick and if you can do a demo raise a bit of cash for a charity of your choise( say such as lost limbs for me, for instance, then thats even better.  Then you post photos of it on "Last Train". Did you get Eileens and myselfs sugestion for your daughter Dungoune Doggies. PM.

  • @Geoff Maybury 

    That's a neat scenario and a great concept.

    I did get your PM.  And found the Dungeons and Doggos miniatures.  Really neat, and really cute.  Thank You!

  • @Benjamin Hayward 

    Just mix some minis from Frostgrave Pirate Crew box with ... Frostgrave Cultists and Stargrave Crew or Mercenary boxes and voilà

  • @Steven StGeorges The only thing lacking is pirate black powder weapons. 

  • @Steven StGeorges  I did some of this. Chose bionic parts so that you can see they are SPACE pirates and not the regular sort. Frostgrave Barbarian bodies do not look out of place either.

    @William Redford  Napoleonic flintlocks don't look too far out of place for the golden age of piracy. American War of Independance ones are even closer in time. But the basic look of the weapons did not ever change much. You'd be hard to pick a Snaphaunce from a true Flintlock, even.



    Germanic Flintlock pistol, circa 1700-1750 with ornate cast brass mounts  that are gold gilted and


    Magnificent Matched Pair of Mid 18th Century European Flintlock | Lot  #57092 | Heritage Auctions

    So just raid the spares from other kits. Even GW black powder guns do not look wrong.

  • @Mark Dewis You're right, if you think about the Brown Bess musket, it was in british service for about a century, in its versions, being replaced only when arrived the newer rifled muskets and then the real rifles. In this scale a muzzle loading pistol isn't different from another, flintlock weapons after all were very similar, the difference started to be visible when arrived the percussion caps.

  • @Mark Dewis true. I just don't have much in that genre. I have some wss guns, and some Napoleonic ones. Older ones I have ECW, the conquistadors and Perry mercs. The raise the black pirates should have some spares as well. But that is my main complaint about the frost grave crewmen. No black powder.

    There was a resin (might have been metal) upgrade sprue thst Northstar sold that had firearms for them. 

  • @Geoff Maybury@JTam  When you two were talking about “The Last Train” I was reminded of the classic post-apoc British TV series...

  • @Grumpy Gnome Survivalist figures in the crooked dice range, match this brilliant program , thank you my friend for bringing back more fond memories.

  • A further point with flintlocks is that the guns, especially the pistols, were handcrafted by gunsmiths and not mass produced until around 1800. Design and decoration varied a great deal, too. 

  • @William Redford well, leaving out black powder was a legitmate design choice by the author, but I agree it would have made the kit more useful to have had some on the sprue. 

    At least North Star does make those nice metal bits to convert them to black powder pirates. 

  • The evident theme leaders.

  • There hasnt yet been anyway for me (as a non-3d printer owner) to get anything so I have kind of lost interest. This of course will change if and when prints are available for purchase. But right now just feels like something cool that I am left out of. :)

  • @William Redford Same here mate. It is also the way I feel when I browse the Printable Scenery website... and I did not have much luck with the 3d print services Printable Scenery recommended.... but I just do not see myself finding the time to learn 3d printing on top of all my other demands.

  • @JTam Just had a thought. The Perry AWI kits have that seperate hat thing they do on their older kits. There's some tricorns in those sprues I think - potentially they could be slapped on skeletons and AWI muskets and pistols added to mash up ghost pirates.


  • @Mark Dewis 

    I think @Caratacus is the true zombie/skeleton pirate fan. 

    But that's a fine idea.  Labor and cost intensive for an army.  But maybe for a regiment or a Mordheim gang.  

    I have a "free" AWI-ish Frontiersman sprue...  I wonder if there are any tricorns on there? I could bash together a few zombie/skeleton pirates to encounter in Lustria.

  • @Mark Dewis That is indeed a cracking idea you have there - I was looking up the Perry AWI sprues only a few days ago as a possible idea for another project and noticed that, like Warlord's ECW sprues, the heads are fixed on the bodies but the hats are separate meaning they can be popped onto any bare head from any range. 

    Between the AWI British being useful for classic British Redcoats for a Pirates of the Caribbean-style game and any spare hats and weapons being great for converting skeleton or Zombie pirates, I think you're onto a winner there.

    Thanks @JTam for pointing me to this as well.

  • The wool Monmouth cap on the Warlord ECW sprue makes a fine modern day wool watch cap.

  • @Grumpy Gnome Warlord actually supply metal sprues of Monmouth caps to add to any human models that aren't already wearing a headdress:

  • One caution with the Perry hats... those heads are fairly small (i.e. reasonably realistic proportions) compared to a lot of the fantasy kits. You may have to do a bit of surgery to fit them onto skeleton and zombie heads, and the end result may well look wrong.

    Still... better to only have to cut one head to kitbash a hat swap than two heads!

    Metal sprue wise, as previously mentioned, North Star have these for the Frostgrave Crew:

    Crewmen Pirate Conversion Pack

    There's also the old Mordheim Mercenary sprues that were remarketed as Empire Militia, if you can find them.

    The Empire Milita version omitted the acessory sprue, IIRC.


    Good luck in finding any of the latter 😉


  • @Mark Dewis 

    I usually find a bit of surgery/scraping is required on the head that the separate hat is INTENDED for to make it fit right.   

    But you are absolutely right.  Easier to chop down one head than modify two.

    The metal Frostgrave bits and Mordheim/Free Company sprue are good finds.  I've been looking for blackpowder pistols for Silver Bayonet conversions.

  • Just be aware the Mordheim stuff is a bit chunky; GW were going through a patch of plastics being a bit larger than intended at the time (also seen in the 6th edition box Empire troops). Since later releases were more back to the size of the metals, my hunch is it was a tooling error rather than actual scale creep, but who knows? 

    And that accessory sprue is collectable, since it only got produced in the actual mordheim kits and was widely used up. If you end up with one, you're better putting it on ebay.

  • December's preview is up!

    Anyone able to make out the bottom middle row set? 

    Interesting that we have two dragonish fellows. Looks like a good month for Classic fantasy

  • So civilians won.

    This is the preview:

    @Red Bee 

    Bottom, middle row?  I think it's angry monks.  There was a monk looking robe teased two weeks ago I believe.  

    Looks like camp followers / Vivandieres at the upper left.  I know that doesn't mean it won't one day be in plastic one day.... But still semi-dissapointing to see it here.

    EDIT: Camp Followers still on the release schedule!

    The top middle looks to be civilian conversion parts for the Cannon Fodder.  Brilliant.  Really like the add on / conversion parts concept.

  • @JTam the Cannon Fodder conversion is really exciting. Fodder are the most versatile range WGA make, IMO. Having conversion kits ready made makes them an even better value to me. This is what I want Atlantic Digital for, things that don't really make sense as a stand alone product, but add value to the ranges as they stand.

  • Civilians? Really? Like with the Landsknecht Ogre poll people seem to go for the weirdest choices on here. But then this is for 3D-printed stuff so if there had to be some, then better that they're part of this range than taking up slots for hard plastic boxes.

    Though it is unusual to see two reptilian creatures as part of this preview - the one on the right is clearly a dragon (though what would a dragon be doing as part of a Civilians theme?) and the one on the left looks more like a slow-moving herbivore that's been harnessed to be a beast of burden which makes more sense. I wonder if those are intended to be things for the Lizardmen as part of the Classic Fantasy range?

    The figures on the top right I thought were going to be Halflings, but look more like human children with toy swords and helmets alongside adults now that I come to think of it. The figure furthest to the right looks like a Druid which is exciting, could those all be for Blood Oaths as a Dark Ages civilians pack?

  • @Caratacus FOr me, I think this is the place where they probably belong, as while I would love, love, love to see some good civilian choices in hard plastic.. I'm just not sure the market is there for them. (But then who knows, maybe they are? IDK, it would be interesting to see how many metal packs of civilians Foundry[ The venerable grandfather of 25/22 mm historical gaming minis] has sold over the years)

  • @Caratacus 

    Pretty sure those are Hobbits.  Otherwise those children look like their about 40.  The "Druid" looks like a classic fantasy wizard to me.  He even has the obligatory pointed hat.  He is no doubt smoking Shire Weed on the steady.  

    I guess a Dragon fits in "civilians" as well as anything else.  I doubt he oathed in or took the King's shilling.  Rarely appears in uniform either .

  • @Caratacus Wargames Atlantic has stated they are planning to release the occasional model set as a bonus early or late in the month. Maybe those are on the teaser as a space fill?


    I guess we'll have to wait and see

  • @Caratacus if those are human children, they've gone out of their way to glue curly hair to the tops of their bare feet...

    I'm guessing the dragon might not technically be "civilian" (monsters and wild beasts are their own category rather than military or civilian), but the requirement for Classic Fantasy to get at least one item is met by the Halflings, so it might just be something that was already planned for December. Not every product HAS to fit the monthly theme.

    On the other hand... Smaug was just chilling at home on the hoard when bothered by home invading half-pints. Not at war. Not attacking Dale at that point. Not subject to any military orders. You can make a fair case that he was a civilian until he flew out and made war...

    He's the John Wick of Middle Earth.

  • @Red Bee the grognard cavalry files can be bought currently, as can the plastic horses you would need to finish them?

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