Digital Wish List

  • I had some ideas that I think would make decent digital releases. That is, ideas that would be good additions to the range, but maybe not in demand enough for full production. Maybe others would like a spot to share their ideas as well.

  • The digital range would be a great place to expand on the double duties kits. More Death Fields and Fantasy options for Lizard Men, Ogers, Giant Spider's, etc.

    I think weapon options are needed across these ranges for them to make proper forces to be reckoned with.

    The spider's lack in alien hands and could use some expansion, I've expressed my desire for cyborg dryders before, here is some better inspirational pictures. (Ones not made by AI)

    I think your spider's with a all robot user body, like it was made for sentient spiders to interact with humanoids would be cool. Like those Japanese spider yokai that lure people in with a beautiful face.

    The ogers lack shields for both ranges and could use some more Sci fi weapons, same could be said for Lizard Men.

  • Good idea on an expansion to the spiders with a centaur/drow type body.

  • Marks Hover-STUG III for IronCore... and other vehicles...

  • @Lord Marcus I have some spiders on order, I'll kit bash a concept / prototype when I get them.

  • @William Ings sounds good! keep me posted please!

  • Superheroes.

    Since these tend towards unique characters with mix and match costume options they will always be tricky to do in plastic sprues. And being able to scale up and down a bit is also a big plus.

    Parts would also cross over with space opera, planetary romance, pulp and general science fiction.

  • @Mark Dewis from 20's-40's pulp super heros to the heros of myth and legend, there is room for heros in all ages!

  • @William Ings  Yep. My main desire is for classic silver age capes and cowls, in skintight suits, since those are notably lacking in 28mm while 30's pulp abounds (and crosses over with WW1 through WW2 ranges). But all of it!

    Digital also cuts through the issue of gender mix. Superheroes are one line where female figures are expected, but there's always the question of how many to put on a sprue. 

  • I know they promised no plastic to digital, but I would love to see a Death Fields conversion sprue. It would add a ton of value to the Gurkhas and future sets

  • @Hudson Adams oh yeah, I know it and love it, but having a print version would be nice. 

  • More Greek, Late Roman and 11th century stuff :-D

  • Emergency response minis. Cops, firefighters and paramedics would have definite use in many modern gaming scenarios.

    There's some overlap there, especially between cops and paramedics, but also firefighters that aren't in the full protective uniform. All three potentially have a common upper torso if wearing a hi-vis vest... which might also work for construction and factory workers, and/or politicians visiting workplaces. I could see a workable vest torso+ trouser legs that could become cop, paramedic or worker with head and arm swaps, plus add-on equipment parts.

  • I think some new arm options for the WW1/WW2 French would be cool such as VB Launchers and some melee arms with spades, trench knives, etc.

  • Cannon Fodder:
    Civilian work tools options and air tanks to make the use of the face mask heads more space like

  • @ALEXANDER SMITH @Andy Phillips 

    Good ideas.

  • Trojan War Heroes.

    Now "Trojan Chariot(s)" is a confirmed plastic kit Wargames Atlantic is working on.

    And I hope the will also do plastic regiments:

    But STLs/printed miniatures seems like the ideal solution for the individual named heroes.

    EDIT: Also some of the gods who liked to pop into the battlefield to intervene directly. Maybe 54mm-ish?  Athena, Apollo, and Aphrodite all appear on the battlefield from the top of my head.  

  • Other thing I need: a saddled Halfling body for the chickens. It would be perfect for One Page Rules. 

  • @Red Bee Halfling Cavalry are in "additional sculpting" according to the release schedule.

  • @JTam that would make a good kit in and of itself. Or two.


    Basically, make a kit for Mycenaean heroes (which would basically be 6 characters figs in one pack) and a set for the Trojans.



  • @Lord Marcus The heroes could be STL files, but a boxed set of the various kind of infantry could be useful, don't forget that only the very rich could afford armour in those times, so mostly of the soldiers would've be levies with any more protection than a leather shield, so light infantry, and another one for mercenaries or medium inf., don't forget that they were from an area very similar, so armours and weapons would've be very equals, the main difference probabilly being helmets and simbols on the shields.

  • @Lord Marcus @Alessio De Carolis 

    There's some ideas here:

    My original idea was a box for lightly armed, no armor skirmishers and archers.  Another box for spearmen rankers.  And another box for heroes.  With Wargames Atlantic potentially selling printed miniatures it's possible that that is the best way to go for the heroes.  Or perhaps a box set for heroes I still doable and desirable.


  • Sci-fi Laser rifle arms.

    Specifically laser rifle arms that would be compatible with any forthcoming Army Building Sets like thus:


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